Welcome to the Macek Family History

Welcome to the Macek Family History website. This blog is going to be dedicated to erasing the confusing family history of the entire Macek, Thoma, and Tromacek clan.

To get you up to date, Misha Thoma and Gesila Macek are the main conspirators in starting this website after looking at the infamous Pa and Ma book that our Aunt Barbra created. We wanted a way to more easily update and inform the entire family of who everyone is related to and where our family comes from.

Pictures, videos, and stories will be available for you to read to find out more about the different family members from both the past and current and future.

“Family is like fudge–mostly sweet with a few nuts.” ~ Anonymous


Norwegian vs. Slovak: Sun vs. Short Horses

Pony in field.jpeg

As is mentioned on the “About” page, Anne Macek had Norwegian ancestry and Michael Macek had Slovak ancestry. They would often tease each other about their different backgrounds. It usually began with a reference to a 1989 film Erik the Viking starring Tim Robbins as Erik. In one scene, the sun is revealed to the Viking clan, and initially, they think it’s some kind of monster. Dad (Michael) would reference this absurd moment saying, “Anne, your people didn’t even know what the sun was.” She would quickly retort, “Oh yeah? Well, your people couldn’t figure out to buy taller horses.” (Dad had always said that the reason why Slovaks were always so angry was because their ancestors had ridden short horses, so their feet dragged on the ground.)

Banana Cream Pie


Mom (Anne) was always a great baker. She could have baked off any of those contestants off of The Great British Baking Show if she had truly wanted to; however, her one insecurity was with those tricky banana cream pies. Her biggest magic trick of them all in fact. Sometimes she would make the bananas simply… disappear.

One day, she was busy in the kitchen making I can’t remember what, and for a small treat, she decided to whip up some banana cream pie. For most of us kids, it was our first experience with such a pie, and, to be honest, I was a little wary. I liked apple, strawberry rhubarb, and even pumpkin pie, but I wasn’t big on bananas, and I wasn’t sure how they would taste in a pie.

We ate a hearty supper, as usual, that night and of course saved room (not really, but we always made room for dessert) for the highly anticipated dessert. Mom cut into it and served up the first piece on a paper plate to Dad (Michael) and, low and behold, no bananas! A second, third, fourth, and fifth piece, all distributed to our greedy kid hands, and none of them with bananas. Mom had forgotten the bananas for the banana cream pie. I wasn’t disappointed; the cream was delicious. But we never did let her live it down.