The original Macek Clan is a combination of Czechoslovakian (or as our Patriarch once said, Slovak–the poor side) and Norwegian. These two sides, the Vikings and the short horse riders, combined with the help of Anne Bersagel Macek and Michael Macek with their four children: Pilar Tromacek (Richard), Misha Thoma (Jon), Marek Macek, and Gesila Macek.

The Macek Clan is forever evolving and changing. In 2012, Jonathan Thoma joined with Misha to become a part of this gracious family. In 2013, Richard Troll joined with Pilar. Well Marek and Gesila are still working on their wooing skills (2017 update). In 2014, Parker Jonathan Thoma was born. He made only a short visit, but his presence will never be forgotten. In January of 2015, Anne Macek, the all-encompassing Matriarch, left this world to join Parker after a short battle with cancer. For a short-lived two-and-a-half years, all was well. Maxwell Hadley Tromacek was born in June 2016. Then in April 2017, Michael Macek, our Father and a loving Grandfather joined Anne and Parker.