Welcome to the Macek Family History website. This blog is going to be dedicated to erasing the confusing family history of the entire Macek, Thoma, and Tromacek clan.

To get you up to date, Misha Thoma (28) and Gesila Macek (21) are the main conspirators in starting this website after looking at the infamous Pa and Ma book that our Aunt Barbra created. We wanted a way to more easily update and inform the entire family of who everyone is related to and where our family comes from.

Pictures, videos, and stories will be available for you to read to find out more about the different family members from the past, present, and future.

If you have a story, photo, or video you’d like to add, submit it to us via the contact page, and we’ll put it on the blog.

“Family is like fudge–mostly sweet with a few nuts.” ~ Anonymous